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PG Pixel

PG Pixel font gurmukhi free download 'PG Pixel' is a Gurmukhi font that imitates the pixels either on a screen or on a printout of dot-matrix type. There are essentially two patterns in two pixel shapes with the square shape having two weights making a total of six fonts as you can see on the right.

The 11 fonts are based on a cell size of 1x1 pixel and the 21 fonts are based on a 2x1 cell size which manifest themselves in the forms you can see on the right.

The square fonts (S and SL) are like either the square pixels on a screen or the square heat cells on a thermal printer whereas the circular fonts (R) are like the pins on a dot-matrix printer.

The square fonts have two options: a normal one (S) where each square occupies 75 per cent of the area for each picture element (pixel); and, a light version (SL) where each square occupies 44 per cent of the area for each picture element. The S version occupies 130x130 out of 150x150 units which gives a nice solid letter form but the SL version occupies 100x100 out of 150x150 units so it has a vertical and horizontal 2/3 coverage which, if you are trying to get a raster to have nice, neat borders, you might find works better at small letter sizes.

Whichever you choose for your application, you can add noise to modulate the outlines as you can see if you click on the image below that has a light background.

Examples of artwork with PG Pixel . . .
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MFF Pixel font gurmukhi free download MFF Pixel font gurmukhi free download MFF Pixel font gurmukhi free download MFF Pixel font gurmukhi free download

Hover the mouse over the images below to show examples of font characters and weights

Download PG Pixel . . .

Pixel-Round 11 Extra-light Gurmukhi free download
Download Pixel-Round 11 Extra-Light TrueType font 'pixel-r_11.ttf': 199,516 bytes.
Pixel-Round 21 Extra-light Gurmukhi free download
Download Pixel-Round 21 Extra-Light TrueType font 'pixel-r_21.ttf': 322,124 bytes.
Pixel-Square-Light 11 Extra-light Gurmukhi free download
Download Pixel-Square-Light 11 Extra-Light TrueType font 'pixel-sl_11.ttf': 65,036 bytes.
Pixel-Square-Light 21 Extra-light Gurmukhi free download
Download Pixel-Square-Light 21 Extra-Light TrueType font 'pixel-sl_21.ttf': 101,888 bytes.
Pixel-Square 11 Extra-light Gurmukhi free download
Download Pixel-Square 11 Extra-Light TrueType font 'pixel-s_11.ttf': 66,172 bytes.
Pixel-Square 21 Extra-light Gurmukhi free download
Download Pixel-Square 21 Extra-Light TrueType font 'pixel-s_21.ttf': 103,156 bytes.

Have you got the latest version of one of these fonts? If you have just downloaded it from this site, you have. Otherwise, you can check any font file by comparing the hash function results of the file on your computer with the values in the list by clicking here for text file and here for a web page - opens in a new tab. Select the font file on your system and look at the properties. Compare the hash result against the values in the table. These pages are kept up-to-date so whenever I update a font or create a new one, it will be on there.

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I allow you to use my fonts for free because I believe that morally, everybody should have equal access, regardless of availability of resources - In this way, those who genuinely have not got the money to pay a license fee for a font use can continue to access this resource for free. If I insisted on charging for them for private/non-commercial use then you would be looking at anything from around £50 for a single user.

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