Gurmukhi Computer Desktop Wallpapers . . .

Gurmukhi desktop wallpapers - 1280x1024 pixels in jpeg format - note that this does not have to be the size of your monitor, you just centre the image and make the back ground colour the same as for the image.

Download 'btc-gur-wp-1280.jpg': 344,567Bytes.

Download 'btc-gur-wp-mc-1280.jpg': 556,255Bytes.

Download 'btc-gur-wp-mc-gel-1280.jpg': 931,309Bytes.

Download 'btc-gur-wp-g-1280.jpg': 339,020Bytes.

Download 'btc-gur-wp-cu-1280.jpg': 634,051Bytes.

Download 'btc-gur-kal-1280.jpg': 1,412,281Bytes.

Download 'Paul's Computer' 'btc-gur-wp-paul-1280.jpg': 239,390Bytes.

Download 'Sukhdev's Computer' 'btc-gur-wp-sukhdev-1600x1200.jpg' - 1600 x 1200 pixels.: 463,323Bytes.

These are just name images (all, just under 700 pixels wide) that you can load as your wallpaper but centralise and then select white as the background colour. If you do that, your desktop will end up looking like this (if you run the same applications that is).

They are in alphabetical order.

Gurmukhi name Amardeep
Download 'Amardeep' 'blen-gur-amardeep.png'.: 184,452Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Amrit
Download 'Amrit' 'blen-gur-amrit.png'.: 364,928Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Amrit
Download 'Amrit 2' 'blen-gur-amrit2.png'.: 386,176Bytes.
This has a different face to the one above - have a look at the full-sized image to see
the difference (it has more of a 'milled' look about it).

Gurmukhi name Arjun
Download 'Arjun' 'blen-gur-arjn.png'.: 395,737Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Satinder
Download 'Satinder' 'blen-gur-satinder.png'.: 298,102Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Sukhpreet
Download 'Sukhpreet' 'blen-gur-sukhpreet.png'.: 280,237Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Harjinder
Download 'Harjinder' 'blen-gur-harjinder.png'.: 251,679Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Kulvinder
Download 'Kulvinder' 'blen-gur-kulvinder.png'.: 261,909Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Jasdeep
Download 'Jasdeep' 'blen-gur-jasdeep.png'.: 251,115Bytes.
See below for black-background version

Gurmukhi name Jaspal
Download 'Jaspal' 'blen-gur-jaspal.png'.: 449,909Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Jaspal
Download 'Jaspal'
'blen-gur-jaspal-2.png'.: 449,909Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Jatinder
Download 'Jatinder' 'blen-gur-jatinder.png'.: 288,624Bytes.
honed face version

Gurmukhi name Pardeep
Download 'Pardeep' 'blen-gur-pardeep.png'.: 217,354Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Pradeep
Download 'Pradeep' 'blen-gur-pradeep.png'.: 325,267Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Parveen
Download 'Parveen' 'blen-gur-parveen.png'.: 278,629Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Pavanjeet
Download 'Pavanjeet' 'blen-gur-pavanjeet.png'.: 226,344Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Paul
Download 'Paul' 'blen-gur-paul.png'.: 517,283Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Paul
Download 'Paul 2' 'blen-gur-paul2.png'.: 398,023Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Balchinder
Download 'Balchinder' 'blen-gur-balchinder.png'.: 246,223Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Manvinder
Download 'Manvinder' 'blen-gur-manvinder.png'.: 193,967Bytes.

Gurmukhi name Ranjit
Download 'Ranjit' 'blen-gur-ranjit.png'.: 170,331Bytes.
(Note that this one is orthographic [looked at from an infinite distance] so that it can be
tiled and still look all right - ask for this feature if you want it).

This is a name image (just under 700 pixels wide) just as above but with a black background.
Load as your wallpaper but centralise and then select black as the background colour.

Gurmukhi name Jasdeep
Download 'Jasdeep' 'blen-gur-jasdeep-b.png'.: 260,784Bytes.


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