Dwarka is designed to work both as a display and body font so it works well both in titles and in body text. The font sets out to provide a Punjabi likeness of Gujarati in the same way that Tsheg sets out to do the same with Tibetan.

This font has a set of glyphs in the ASCII range that are all 'straight-tail'. The glyphs in the Gurmukhi range are also all 'straight-tail' if your image processor/word processor doesn't support the advanced typography features of TrueType fonts. However, if your program does support them, the Gurmukhi/Unicode glyphs all spontaneously turn into the 'curved tail' variants that is one of the characteristics of Gujarati.

Like the 'Full' and 'Dekho' fonts, longer Ek Onkar figures care produced by typing a Gurmukhi one then an oorda of some type followed by a tippee - see the notes for Dekho below for the details.

All of the image work is done with the free software 'The GIMP';

Examples of artwork with Dwarka . . .
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Rupe font gurmukhi free download

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Download Dwarka

Download Dwarka TrueType font 'dwarka_3.ttf': 53,764 Bytes.
Gurmukhi font Rupe free download
Download Dwarka TrueType font 'dwarka_5.ttf': 61,736 Bytes.
Gurmukhi font Rupe free download
Download Dwarka TrueType font 'dwarka_7.ttf': 58,684 Bytes.
Gurmukhi font Rupe free download
I allow you to use my fonts for free because I believe that everybody should have equal access, regardless of availability of resources. If I insisted on charging for them then you would be looking at anything from around £50 for a single user to £10,000 for a single multinational film production (see here for an idea of the going rates for charged-for fonts from those who do insist that you always pay). You can see from the fact that my fonts are used in so many films that their quality is no less than that of other fonts. However, as the owner of all rights over these fonts, I give you the option of using them without paying.

If you are using the fonts for business purposes and your business model includes rewarding those who have invested in the intellectual property that you are using, then you might want to consider making a contribution towards the time, artistic and technological investment that I have made in these fonts as well as the ongoing costs of running and maintaining a production server 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, along with the other bills that go with that and so on.

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