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This page is especially for those of you who just want to get on with it.

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Buy a tee-shirt with my name on it, buy Gurmukhi letter flash cards or buy childrens Punjabi books . . .

Buy stuff.Go to the Links page from where you can go to the various sites.

Configure My Keyboard To Type Gurmukhi . . .

Keyboard configurationGo to the Keyboard Configuration pages and choose your system. Then see how to configure your keyboard.

Keyboard configurationGo to the Keyboard Layout page and choose your keyboard's layout which you can download as a web page that you can store on your own computer to refer to whenever you need it.

Learn How To Write Gurmukhi Letters . . .

hover the mouse over the letter to find the name and sound.Go to the Alphabet pages. Each letter has its own page which you can access from the small menu that appears at the top-right of the page.

The vowels are laid out the same - click on the 'vowels' menu item on the left side of the page and that will give you the vowels home page.

These pages are worth a read in their own right because they show you how they relate each other and to things that you already know.

Learn About Gurmukhi/Punjabi Numbers . . .

How to write Gurmukhi number 6.Go to the Numbers page. Each number has its own animation so that you can see how it is written.

Go to the Resources PDFs page for downloadable resource sheets with the numbersGurmukhi number resource sheet PDF file. in English/Punjabi.

Download Free Fonts . . .

Rupe truetype Gurmukhi fontGo to the Font Download page. There is a range of 304 fonts in 49 main families with more than over 17.5 million font files downloaded to date. The top half of the page tells you about the fonts - click on the image to get a sample of each in another window. The bottom half of the page has the links to the font files.

In the case of Gurvetica, it has its own page as there are rather a lot of variants in weight and width and what it does with the ASCII range (Gurmukhi or Roman characters). Gurvetica is designed so that it has high legibility and can be used in everything from books and newspapers to film posters.

Learn How To Create Title Artwork From The Free Fonts From This Site . . .

GHW Dukandar Font used in Ik Kudi Punjab Di Bollywood FilmGo to the Graphical Font Adaptation page. Learn how to use fully-capable, free software such as the Gimp to produce graphical titles fit for everything from your homework, through newspapers and magazines to Bollywood Films, all of which have used my free fonts from this site.

Download A Wallpaper Image Of My Name Written in Gurmukhi . . .

JaspalGo to the Desktop Wallpapers Download page. From around a third of the page down are names that have been rendered using Blender. If you can't find the one you want, you can either make your own or you can ask me to make you one. Email me on the contacts page (see the menu on the left side of every page.

Save the file where you keep your desktop images and then load it so that it is displayed centrally with a white background. That way, you don't need to have a specifically-sized wallpaper for your monitor.

Download Free Teaching Resources . . .

Gurmukhi teaching resourcesGo to the PDF Resources Download page. Download PDF files for Character Reference Sheets, Writing Practice Sheets, Classroom Flash Cards and so on.

Being Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), they will display the same on any system. They are sized for DIN A4 sized card stock so they are standard.

Learn About Gurmukhi/Punjabi Handwriting . . .

Gurmukhi handwritten letterGo to the Handwritten pages to see how to extend printed Gurmukhi into something that is quicker and more personal.

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