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Resources . . .

Here are some resources that might make learning how to read and write Gurmukhi script easier for you:

Character Reference Sheets . . .

This is an A4 PDF file giving all of the Gurmukhi characters on just two sides.

Click here for 'btc-gurguide.pdf': 77,138Bytes.

Writing Practice Sheets . . .

This is an A4 PDF file giving all of the Gurmukhi characters on just four sides for you to practice writing on.

Click here for 'btc-gurguideprac.pdf': 40,262Bytes.

Gurmukhi Flash-Cards . . .

These are flash cards to be printed out on A4 card stock, laminated and then cut up.

Each file to download (ZIP - Windows or TAR.GZ - UNIX) is an archive of PDF files, one for each sheet/side of A4. Within each archive file, the PDF files give all of the Gurmukhi characters.

They come in two sizes:

Four on one sheet . . .

These are four, class-room-sized, single-sided cards on one sheet of A4.

Download 'btc-gurmukhi_flash-4.tar.gz': 308,128Bytes.

Download '': 335,014Bytes.


Nine on one sheet . . .

These are nine, double-sided cards on one sheet of A4, suitable for one-to-one. Again, print onto card stock, on both sides (the 'r' file is laterally reversed) then laminate and cut out.

Download 'btc-gurmukhi_flash-9.tar.gz': 376,042Bytes.

Download '': 421,234Bytes.

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Punjabi Numbers . . .

Two, single-sided A4 sheets as PDF files giving all of the Punjabi numbers from 0-100 on one side.

Punjabi numbers and names only.

Single sheet, three columns of numbers and names.

Download 'btc-numbers-gur.pdf': 33,137Bytes.


Numbers in English and Punjabi.

Single sheet, two columns of numbers and names in Punjabi and English.

Download 'btc-numbers-eng.pdf': 46,655Bytes.

Keyboard Layout . . .

This is an HTML file giving the layout on a QWERTY keyboard of the Gurmukhi characters.

You'll note that the layout is very similar to that of a Dvorak keyboard - the vowels are produced by the left hand. However, this is much more logical.

The vowels on the left hand are arranged so that the single forms are on the middle row and the double forms are on the row above. Also, if you hold down [Shift] when pressing the key, you get the vowel with its carrier. So, [A] will get you a hordaa and shifting it will produce the hordaa form or oordaa and the [Q] will produce a kanaurdaa and shifting that will give you aerdaa with a kanaurdaa.

The other letters are arranged similarly. Pressing [K] gives you ਕ and pressing [Shift][K] gives you ਖ. On the corresponding position on the row above, pressing [I] gives you a ਗ and pressing [Shift][I] gives you ਘ. This is occurs on [H], [K], [L], [:] and [@].

Download the HTML page for your system and then, on your browser, save the file either directly (save as...) or by viewing the pages source and saving that.

Download the keyboard layout for:

 Windows Vista - 'btc-kbd-wnvs.html' : 12,311Bytes.
 Windows XP * - 'btc-kbd-wnxp.html' : 12,301Bytes.
 Windows 98SE - 'btc-kbd-wn98.html' : 11,162Bytes.
 Ubuntu on Gnome - 'btc-kbd-ubgn.html' : 11,516Bytes.
 OpenSuSE on KDE - 'btc-kbd-osuk.html' : 11,475Bytes.
 OpenSolaris on Gnome - 'btc-kbd-osog.html' : 11,765Bytes.
 OpenBSD on KDE - 'btc-kbd-obsk.html' : 11,422Bytes.
* Note: this is the Unicode layout - otherwise, download the Windows 98SE layout.

Displayed below is the layout and a close-up of the keyboard for
  OpenSuSE on KDE.

Browser 'Drink' test . . .

Test your browser configuration - installed fonts and capabilities - without having to connect to the Internet.

Download 'drink-test.html': 843Bytes.

Using Gurmukhi with English words . . .

A guide to using Gurmukhi to write English.

The first page shows English written in Gurmukhi, along with the original English text by its side and, the second page gives hints on what to do yourself.

Download 'btc-gur_eng.pdf': 80,494Bytes.

Gurmukhi Computer Desktop Wallpapers . . .

Gurmukhi desktop wallpapers - 1280x1024 pixels in jpeg format.

Download 'btc-gur-wp-1280.jpg': 344,548Bytes.

Download 'btc-gur-wp-g-1280.jpg': 339,001Bytes.

Download 'btc-gur-wp-cu-1280.jpg': 634,032Bytes.

Download 'btc-gur-kal-1280.jpg': 1,412,281Bytes.


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