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Here are some resources in four sections that might make learning how to read and write Gurmukhi script easier for you (These correspond to the sections in the menu on the right):

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This is a pack of poker-card-sized cards with: the 35 letters of the penti on; the six paer-bindi forms; the ten numbers; and, two spares (we all know how annoying it is when you lose a card). It also contains a card with a sequence of letters on it that can be of assistance when assessing students' abilities to recognise and differentiate letters.
This pack contains: the dependent and indenpendent (based upon ਕ as usual) vowels (ie, for example ਈ and ਕੀ for each vowel); extra signs - bindi, tippi, adhak, and paer rarra, hahha and sassa; and seven examples of words, illustrating how these characters come together.

Together, the two packs make the first full set of Gurmukhi flask cards available on the Internet.

PDFs . . .

The PDFs (documents with the Adobe Portable Document File format so that they will run on any computer) include character reference sheets, writing practice sheets, flash cards that you can print out, numbers, using Gurmukhi with English and so on.

In the case of the flash cards, you print them out onto card stock and can laminate them so that they last longer. The 4 on one sheet size are suitable for classroom use and the 9 on one sheet are suitable for personal use.

Keyboard Layouts . . .

The Keyboard Layouts are a set of html files allowing you to download the one that is suited to your operating system.

With the file saved in a suitable place such as your desktop, you can call on it any time, even without being online.

Fonts . . .

The TrueType fonts that I have designed all use the Unicode range and so will work with a properly configured keyboard. In addition, they also have the ASCII mappings onto a normal keyboard, along with some extensions such a small piece of line, unkard and dulunkarday that are offset to the left if you are using a font with tails and so on. You can download the most up-to-date versions of these stylish, fancy fonts and many more only from this site.

There is a range of 304 fonts in 49 main families with more than 14,300,000 font files downloaded to date ranging from the highly functional Gurvetica, the stylish Raaj, Raajaa and Lanma fonts, through the informal Karmic Sanj font and Gurmukhi HandWritten (GHW) Dunkandar, GHW Adhiapak and GHW Penti Akhari fonts, the display fonts Bulara and Rupe (which include true hollow fonts), though Gurmukhi Old Letterpress and the monospaced Punjabi Typewriter fonts to the stylised Dekho (Art Deco) and Magaz fonts.

These are all in a number of different weights and styles that you can compare directly with each other on the font comparison page (click here).

GHW Dukandar fonts gurmukhi free download

They all use quadratic splines which means that the curves they produce are better (they flow more naturally) than with fonts that use older splines.

Raaj fonts gurmukhi free download

They are all free to download and use so you can use them form your school/university work, books, posters and so on. If you are going to use them for a commercial purpose, I would ask that you let me know (not for the purpose of permission but so that I can put a link on this site).

Magaz fonts gurmukhi free download

Wallpapers . . .

These wallpapers are all created using Blender and are for 1280x1024 although there is nothing stopping you from putting them on a desktop with a different size and scaling/cropping them.

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