Gubara . . .

Gubara Medium font Gurmukhi free download'Gubara' is the Punjabi for 'Balloon' and for a while now, I have wanted to design a font like this.

You will be able to see from the font samples below that there are: three versions of this font where the only difference is the width of the string; and, another version, that has no string.

The balloon size is the same in the three with the string but in the one without ('not string'), it is slightly larger. You can use the three variants with the string to produce the images you want and the reason for the difference in the thickness of the string is that if your goal is to make the string as thin as possible, but still be visible, you will be able to choose a font variant that will show up correctly. If the font is small in your image, select the 'small' variant so that the thicker string still shows up; if the font is large, you can get away with using the 'big' variant and the other is there to provide some middle ground for you so that you can get the result that you want.

The reason for the varaint without the strings is to make life easier for you if you want to have strings that are a different colour to the ballons.

Visakhi - Full hand-painted sign-style Gurmukhi font - free downloadAll you need to do in your image processor is to create a layer with one of the stringed variants with the colour of the strings - in the image above-right, that is black - and then, using the same text (just duplicate the layer) select the 'not string' variant of the font and make that the colour of the balloons that you want.

To make the balloons look three-dimensional as they do in the image at the top of the page, all you need to do is make a copy of the 'not string' layer, colour it white, blur it and then edit the curve for the transparency of the layer so that the smaller part is left highlighted, then move that layer up and to the left. Finally, make the alpha of the 'not string' layer into a mask and then invert the mask and trim the new, highlight layer with it so that you don't get any of it influencing the string layer or any background you might have used.

Gubara is a 'fun' font, suitable for parties and other celebrations for banners, tee-shirts and so on. Made from regular and shaped balloons (gubara), tied together with string and where appropriate, held down with weights, they form the letters of the Gurmukhi alphabet.

There are three fonts with string so that you can just select the one with the string that is thick enough for the job. The one with the thinest string is called 'Big' because it is most suitable for large prints where the string is visible enough. The Medium and Small variants have progressively thicker string so that it can still be seen at small sizes. To get the thickness right, just flick through the font variants until one looks right.

The fourth variant - '0 No String' - is just the balloons. With this, you can position the no-strings font over the version with the strings as a different layer in your image editing/ presentation program and change the colour of the balloons so that it is different to the colour of the string. It makes colouring it in by hand easier - if you want to - as it will be on a different layer.

Adhak and bindi use intelligent programming in the font so they are processed automatically but if you are using ASCII instead of Unicode, these are covered manually as usual.

All of the image work is done with the free software 'The GIMP';

An example of artwork with Gubara . . .
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Gubara font gurmukhi free download

Hover the mouse over the images below to show examples of font characters and weights

Download Gubara . . .

    Download Gubara Not String TrueType font (you need this one to superimpose
the balloons if you are going to have them a different colour to the string - the balloons are
a little larger so that it overlaps the balloons in the other fonts.)
Gubara No Strings font Gurmukhi free download
gubara_0.ttf 54,588 bytes 
    Download Gubara 4 Big TrueType font (you need this one if you are making
the image very large - it has fine string.)
Gubara Big font Gurmukhi free download
gubara_4.ttf 63,964 bytes 
    Download Gubara 5 Medium TrueType font (you need this one if you are
making a smaller image - the string is thicker so it still shows up.)
Gubara Medium font Gurmukhi free download
gubara_5.ttf 63,088 bytes 
    Download Gubara 6 Small TrueType font (you need this one if you are
making the letters really small - the string is quite thick so it still shows up.)
Gubara Small font Gurmukhi free download
gubara_6.ttf 61,956 bytes 
I allow you to use my fonts for free because I believe that everybody should have equal access, regardless of availability of resources. If I insisted on charging for them then you would be looking at anything from around £50 for a single user to £10,000 for a single multinational film production (see here for an idea of the going rates for charged-for fonts from those who do insist that you always pay). You can see from the fact that my fonts are used in so many films that their quality is no less than that of other fonts. However, as the owner of all rights over these fonts, I give you the option of using them without paying.

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