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This page gives you a set of online flash cards for learning the Gurmukhi alphabet.

If you have come here looking for readymade or Print-On-Demand Gurmukhi flashcards then visit the Links page. If you want some PDF files so that you can print out and (optionally) laminate your own flash cards then you need to visit the Flash cards part of the PDF files section of the Resources pages.

Using this resource...

After you have read this, scroll/adjust the position/size of the display on the screen so that as little of this text is visible as possible on the display.

The home page (right) gives you a number of options and all you have to do is to click where the coloured lines cross.

On the left, you have sets of five letters - refelecting that the penti is usually taught a row at a time - and on the right, you have the penti 'so-far'. In each case, you can click on the green square for the letter set in order or on the red square for it shuffled - there are four shufflings for each option. At the bottom, there are two sequences of letter that put similar features together: . . . ਅ ਮ ਸ ਗ ਰ ਹ . . . for example. Clicking on one of these starts off the sequence.

The letter pages (right) display each letter in the sequence. At the bottom left (D), a timer counts off roughly ten seconds (depending upon how fast your browser can draw) and at the end of that, the name of the letter is revealed - this is always in the same place so if you need to cover it up (such as in a whole-class situation) then you can put your fingers across it there.

There are four active parts to the screen: A will take you back to the previous letter; B will take you to the next; C will take you to the flash cards home page and D will restart the clock. On most browsers, the page will automatically load the next page in the sequence after around a minute.

  If curiosity has you, to see all of the images just as they are, without active areas on the images, click here.

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