How do we learn to read and write Gurmukhi script quickly? . . .

Learning a new script can be difficult unless somebody who has already followed the same path can show you what they have found easy and how to do it.

Although there are 35 basic letters in the alphabet, there are patterns to the sounds they make which makes it a lot easier to learn. There are also points where confusion can lie and these are pointed out so that you can be aware of them.

The advantage of Gurmukhi is that it is phonetic which means that you can use it to write any language. So, even if you are learning it so that you can eventually learn Punjabi, you can use this way to learn the letters themselves. The way you do this is to immerse yourself in it.

You do this by using Gurmukhi as much as you can (within reason of course).

To start with, write your shopping lists in Gurmukhi - a shopping list is just an example and you can use any list or writing that you do frequently instead of the shopping list (it depends upon whether or not you do your own shopping for a start).

Doing so will make you think of the sounds that each of the letters you use make and, there is nothing quite like being thrown in at the deep end to try to learn how to swim. With your shopping list, you will need to be able to read it in the shop, whilst you are doing your shopping.

The items you write will be in English but you will be using Gurmukhi to put them onto paper. 'Cheese' becomes 'ਚੀਜ਼' and under the pressure of having to read it in real-time, you will learn pretty quickly. You should, of course, start off with a back-up - a sort of Rosetta stone - with your original shopping list written in normal Roman script. After a while, you will get used to reading Gurmukhi and be able to leave that behind.

You will also be able to write things on the calendar that your children cannot read or, if you are a child, write notes that you can pass around the classroom that only your friends can read.

Whatever you do to learn how to read and write Gurmukhi, you will soon appreciate how simple and easy it is.

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