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All of the resources on this website are free for anybody to use and in that way, people who genuinely have not got the money to pay for such things still have access to them. In this way, if you need a fancy font for some school homework or for a non-profit organisation, you are under no legal obligation to pay any money for them.

However, if you are using a font for artwork for a Punjabi film and your business model includes paying for the scriptwriters, production equipment, film crew, transport, accommodation, artists that appear on camera, caterers, title sequence creators and even your electricity bill, you do need to pay for font use. For an internationally distributed film, the charge is £1,000. For a book it is £100.

The fonts have been used in various publishing industries and since 2009, the Punjabi film industry has used my fonts in over 200 films, including 17 of the 40 highest grossing Punjabi films. The Punjabi book publishing industry has also made extensive use of my fonts, publishing well over 200 book using the fonts. They are also used in jewellery, for teaching, on t-shirts and tattoos amongst other things.

I don't insist that you login to the website, or register for an account or any of that rubbish - you can just use the site as much or as little as you like for free and in my opinion, that is the way that it should be. That is the way that the internet used to be many years ago.

However, the web server, its internet connection and the domain name do need paying for. Additionally, the fonts do take quite a bit of time to produce with some of them being so complex that they needed half a working day to design a single glyph and for a number of years - you can tell by the number of fonts that I produced between 2014 and 2019 inclusive - I had other things to do.

You can make a contribution via PayPal here - - PayPal do all of the money handling so I don't need to come into contact with any of your bank details.

Here is a list of the top 10 contributors with the largest first.

Nep Sidhu -ARTORONTO.CA: Rajni Perera and Nep Sidhu at Patel Brown
  Artwork link
Fascinating Folktales of Punjab/
Partnership in Promoting Punjabi Art and Literature (PiPPAL)
Gurbux Dhillon  
Hardeep Mann, Austria
Japneet Kaur  
Open Gurdwara Foundation -
Jatinder Singh  
Lishkara Inc.  
Harjinder Kanwal  
Rajwant Kaloti  

Thanks to all of you for helping all of this to happen and to help those who genuinely cannot afford to pay for font use, to access it for free.

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