Gurmukhi Old Letterpress

Gurmukhi Old Letterpress - A font that is designed to represent a mechanically produced typeface from the mid-20th century, before things became standardised with the Bani-fonts design that is so ubiquitous today.

There are some interesting characters in this font:

  • ਝ is closer to the 17th Century version with its 'c'-like bend at the bottom having evolved into a corner for this font, before it inally turns into a look in the modern version at the top;
  • ਡ has the same, easily-recognisable loop at the bottom but the hole in it is circular;
  • This has been carried on to ਢ and ਦ which have their loops in the same style but perhaps more noticably, the central body of these two characters is also circular - I suspect that in the pre-computerised, metal-cutting environment, when producing the initial metalworkings for these so that the lead type can be manufactured from them, circles are easier to manufacture than irregular shapes, especially when looking at the size of these things when producing small characters for typesetting books; and,
  • ਵ (and also ਞ) have the same bottom section as the 17th century font.
The two that is most likely to cause confusion to someone just glancing over a piece of text are going to be ਢ and ਦ which look a bit like a modern ਟ if you ignore the loops (although interestingly the ਟ in this font is more like the Devanagari equivalent ट).

Click on the image below to see an example of work that can be done with this font. Note that towards the bottom of the image, you can see the paer characters.

An example of artwork with Gurmukhi Old Letterpress . . .
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Gurmukhi Old Letterpress font gurmukhi free download

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Download Gurmukhi Old Letterpress . . .

Gurmukhi Old Letterpress font free download
Download Gurmukhi Old Letterpress 4 Book TrueType font 'gurletp4.ttf': 115,732Bytes.
Gurmukhi Old Letterpress font free download
Download Gurmukhi Old Letterpress 5 Medium TrueType font 'gurletp5.ttf': 109,032Bytes.
Gurmukhi Old Letterpress font free download
Download Gurmukhi Old Letterpress 6 Demi-Bold TrueType font 'gurletp6.ttf': 110,024Bytes.
Gurmukhi Old Letterpress font free download
Download Gurmukhi Old Letterpress 7 Bold TrueType font 'gurletp7.ttf': 111,620Bytes.
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