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All of the 276 fonts in 39 families that you can download from this site are created by me (Paul Alan Grosse) and this is the only place that I put them. You can find older versions of them to download from other people's websites but occasionally, I update some of them or make modifications that the font files on these other sites will not have. This site is the only place that you can guarantee has the most up-to-date files. Also, when I make a new font, it can be months if not years before they appear on other sites. For example, GHP Full is one of the most popular of my fonts in film publicity, including the films themselves and yet there are plenty of Punjabi font download sites that do not have it at all, let alone the most recent version of it.

Visit the fonts home page for a complete list of font families and to find out which are the latest additions.

you can also compare font families on the font comparison page where you can choose a page that fits your screen and select any of the families, 2, 4 or 6 at a time.

Representing literally thousands of hours of font design work with the resulting fonts used in over a hundred Punjabi films and on the covers of well over a hundred books as well in as magazines, newspapers, jewellery and even as tattoos, my fonts are available for you to download from these pages and use for free, regardless of whether you want to use it for doing your homework or making a film.

Recently produced fonts.
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Rocket Khicho Parda Pixel Serif Blob Circuit
Plotter Pachami

My fonts have been used in many films and/or their publicity material - see the 'Fonts In Use'/'Fonts In Films' page - these films including seven of the 20 highest grossing Punjabi films and ten in the next 20 making a total of 17 in the top 40 - film positions from Wikipaedia: List of highest-grossing Punjabi films page retrieved on 31/01/2021.

Top 20
Manje Bistre  2017  GHP Full
Qismat  2018  Raajaa
Muklawa  2019  GHP Full
Ambarsariya  2016  GHW Dukandar
Bambukat  2016  GHW Dukandar
Punjab 1984  2014  GHW Dukandar
Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan  2018  GHP Full
Next 20
Jatt James Bond  2014  GHP Full
Manje Bistre 2  2019  GHP Full
 MFF DIN 1451
Nikka Zaildar 2  2017  GHW Dukandar
Lahoriye  2017  MFF DIN 1451
Kala Shah Kala  2019  Gurvetica
Golak Bugne Bank Te Batua  2019  Gurvetica
Ashke  2018  MFF Karmic Sanj
Nikka Zaildar 3  2019  GHW Dukandar
Guddiyan Patole  2019  GHP Full
Nikka Zaildar  2016  GHW Dukandar

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