Numbers . . .

All of these letters are similar to the numbers from which they are derived.

Don't worry too much about being perfectly round.

You can give this number a straight tail or give it a bigger flick. One thing to be concerned about is that if you start off with too much of a horizontal lead into the beginning of it, and then quite a long flick at the bottom right, you can make it look like an eight.

don't concern yourself with it looking too much like a kakkaa, you aren't writing numbers with the letters (not nomally, any way).

Again, don't worry about the loop if you write one.

This is a lot quicker to write if you write it like this.

Miss out the point at the bottom-left and you can speed this up considerably.

This is pretty much the same - three loops.

This one looks a bit like a ਹ () but, like ੨ above, the context should sort things out.

This is pretty much the same as the Gurbani version of the number

So is this one although you can make the loop at the top-right as big as you like.

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