Letters, row 7 - ਯ ਰ ਲ ਵ ੜ . . .

Yaeyaa, ਯ () is is simplified quite a bit but, there are potential areas for confusion.

Going from to (ਯ to ਘ) shows that you do need the line across the top to tell the difference. Also, there is a potential to confuse it with a badly drawn .

As you have been writing increasingly quickly, you have probably been getting towards something like this anyway.

However, do be careful not to allow it to be confused with or .

Also, if you are following it witha kannaa, make sure that you lift the pen before writing the kannaa or it could look like a without the line over the top.

Lallaa takes a real increase in speed when you write it like this. All straight lines.

Vaavaa shouldn't be confused with nYaanYaa ( ਞ) because with (ਵ), you don't bother with the line. In fact, (ਞ) occurs so infrequently that you can almost forget it (don't though).

ੜ () is a fast version of the Gurbani version of the letter and as long as you keep the two lines at the bottom, there will be no confusion.

However, if you are writing it quickly, you can confuse ੜ () with ਤ () if you forget the marks or with ਡ () if you don't take your pen off the paper and inadvertantly write a loop.

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