Alphabet - ਪਹਿਲਾ

- ਲ਼ਲ਼ਾ - Lallaverindylaa - Lallaa - Paer-bindi form of the thirty-third letter of the Gurmukhi alphabet.

Name: Lallaa
Shape: ਲ਼ - see note*
Spelling: ਲ਼ਲ਼ਾ
Sound: 'l' as the 'l' in 'layer'.
Type: Consonant

Mouth: hold your mouth in exactly the same way that you would if you were saying the sound of the Roman alphabet letter 'l' as in the start of the word 'layer'.
Tongue: tip up against the teeth
Soft Palette: blocking the nose
Lips: apart
Vocal Chords: Used
Aspirated: no

Confusion: ਲ ਨ Remember the paer bindi - ਲ਼ ਲ
Reading: You can confuse these two when reading a ਲ:
ਨ (Nannaa) - one bar at the top; and,
ਲ (Lallaa) - two bars at the top;
This is just a matter of getting used to it.
Writing: n/a

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