Alphabet - ਪਹਿਲਾ

- ਜ਼ਜ਼ਾ - Jijjaverindyzaa - Zazaa - Paer-bindi form of the thirteenth letter of the Gurmukhi alphabet.

Name: Zazaa
Shape: ਜ਼.
Spelling: ਜ਼ਜ਼ਾ
Sound: 'z' as the 'z' in 'zoo'
Type: Consonant

Mouth: hold your mouth in exactly the same way that you would if you were saying the sound of the 'z' in the word 'zoo'.
Tongue: Curved so that the front of your tongue (not the tip) touches the back of your tooth ridge.
Soft Palette: blocking nose
Lips: apart
Vocal Chords: Used
Aspirated: No

Confusion: Remember the paer bindi - ਜ਼ ਜ
Reading: none
Writing: none
Others: When listening to people from the Punjab speaking English words with 'Z's in them, you'll often hear them pronounce the 'Z' as a 'J'. This letter is why. I'm not even going to start speculating as to what has happened in their history to make this the case but it happens. So, when you hear 'magaJine' and 'Jone', you might be better prepared.

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